Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Compromise to Saving Grace

Foot slippin
Down a decline
First by millimeters
Then by centimeters
Inches it goes
Foot by foot
Til' you hit the slope
Faster and faster
you're out of control
There's no one, way, or how to
come to a stop
because all you
wanted was more.
You're coming up fast,
Too fast to halt
There are no brakes for this ride
It could have been avoided,
all was to do was abide.
Now that you've arrived
in Hell's open arms
you see your depravity
your sin with all it's charm
Hopeless all around
The only One to hear your tears,
offers love and grace
Hear my child,
forgiveness awaits,
all you must do is ask.
The second it leaves your lips
the next your washed in His blood
Mourn yet a moment
but don't waste this pain
What the enemy meant for evil
God can turn for gain
Back on the right track
On a mission now
To share His love galore
His kindness everlasting
mercy, compassion, and more
Overflowing from the child of God
To extend, renew, & restore
Don't forget this trail of tears
or wander from this truth
Wide is the road to destruction
But narrow is the gate
Only in Jesus can we find
inner strength.
Holy Spirit help us,
remind us of our fate
It's only in His saving grace
we'll meet Him
face to face.

Written October 25th, 2015