Monday, January 18, 2016

A Public Service Announcement

ATTENTION:  This is a Public Service Announcement - well - more of a friendly reminder.  

A reminder that...

We all HAVE F-ed up moments in life.  

WE ALL DO.  EVERY single one of us.  

We're NOT perfect.  

When we come to that realization, we can either decide one of two things. 

Allow Shame to hold us hostage or...

Grace to set us free. 

Today, I wanna choose Grace.  Grace is my friend and He comes to remind me that He covers me.  

He knows I F-ed up but He doesn't want me to stay in that F-ed moment.  

But Shame...Shame wants me, not only to stay there, but to wallow in it.  To EMBRACE it.  

SHAME is like the evil Darth Sidious, otherwise know as the Emperor Palpatine, from Star Wars.  

Remember that scene in Star Wars VI, Return of the Jedi, when the Emperor or Darth Sidious, (Whatever you wanna call him. Ugh - He had so many names), was talking to Luke Skywalker and he told him, 

"I can feel your anger...take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey toward the dark side will be complete!" 

Listen! Shame is so nasty and ugly, it's nuggly!

I mean look at him!  He is one ugly dude!

When I chose Shame, it's like I'm playing a game of hot potato.  But it's hot potato with a twist.  

It feels icky, sticky, and moldy.  All you wanna do is get rid of it and you do that by  - passing it to someone else.   

You're telling yourself, "I feel so bad for what I've done that I've got to pass it and pass it fast."  

But you don't pass it at all, you keep holding onto it.  In fact you're squeezing it.  You think you've let it go but the hot potato is still in your hands and it's burning you...

...all the while you're looking directly at the person or persons you're wanting to blame!

See, you are giving into the anger.  Leaning into it.  Like Darth Sidious wants you to do. 

It's pure wickedness folks.  Do NOT yield to it.  Do NOT give into the dark side.  That's where Shame comes from, the Dark Side.

However, Grace on the other hand is beautiful.  

Beautiful like a little baby

Or a magnificent sunset 

It's the pinnacle of Christianity.

"For it is by Grace you have been saved."  

It's a gift from God. 

Grace is the Forgiveness for the mistakes 

AND blunders 
and screw-ups 
AND the kind of poor judgement that clouds our brains so badly that no good judgement can get through.
Even the F-ed up moments.

It covers it ALL! 

Forgiveness covers EVERYTHING!  

Not everything Buuuuuuut...


And Grace is finally the moment when you REALIZE it.  It's the "Shew" moment.  

The moment where you are ABLE to say, "You mean I don't have to carry that shame anymore?" 

And it's Jesus saying in return, "Nope.  No you don't.  Instead give it to me.  And in return, I'll give you rest.  Rest from carrying all that junk.  Rest from placing blame.  Rest from plotting revenge.  Rest from playing the never-ending Hot Potato game."

Imagine Jesus saying that to you right now.  

What FREEDOM!   

Grace sets us free.  

Shame binds us.  

Chose Grace today.  

Grace from God.  Grace from yourself to yourself.  And finally, grace to others.  

Love and Peace,