Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nuggets of Awesomeness

As I've trudged the road of recovery, it's been a difficult one.  

BUT in the difficulty I have found drops of mercy along the way.  Now all this love comes from people that I KNOW and don't know.  Most of these people that I don't know are famous.  All their works are in writing!   

I consider myself apart of their tribe.  

They don't know this piece of information, but that's okay.  I'm the silent partner in the group.  Cheering from over here.  WAhooing from GB, MI.  

I'm taking all their nuggets of encouragement and applying those nuggets as salve on my brokenness.  But it's NUGGETS OF AWESOMENESS!  Like chicken nuggets, on a good day.

One of the nuggets I heard a couple days ago, I simply can't stop thinking about it.  It's from Glennon Doyle Melton, creator of Momastery.  

I'm in the process of reading her book, 'Carry on Warrior, the power of embracing your messy, beautiful life.'  

I mean the messy part is definitely me!  She and I are practically twins!  Except the fact I'm 5'7" and she's...well not.

Anyways, I've been trying to listen to encouraging things everyday from my famous peeps, which I just happened to come across one of Glennon's youtube videos called 'From My Cold Dead Hands.'  

I've actually listened to them all, but that's just the addictive personality in me ;)  All or nothing baby!  

What she said about Grace in this video was SO PROFOUND to me, SO freeing, SO beautiful that I quoted her in the bio section of my Twitter page.  Yeah, uh-huh, that good.  

Glennon said, in response to a shaming Christian, who reviewed her book, "I get so confused by that (the shaming statement) because the whole freaking thing, ALL of Christianity is based on the fact that we're forgiven...FORGIVEN FOR EVERYTHING!"

Which is sorta, kinda what I was saying in my last post, A Public Service Announcement.   

And for individuals that wanna shame and wanna say, "You can't have all grace..."  Um HELLO!  According to Jesus, that's the stuff that He gives away freely, at His cost!   He gives, we accept.  Thank you Jesus!

And thank you G!  You totally nail it!  It's still blowing me away.

If you wanna be blown away by GRACE, she's one of Jesus' spoke persons.  I'm positive you'll love her as much as I do! 

Love and Peace,