Thursday, June 2, 2016

What is Taking So Long!

I'm gonna complain here a little bit. Hope that's okay.

Can I just say I'm sick of waiting in the waiting room, at doctor's appointments!
Between taking my mom and mother in law to doctor's appointments, as well as my own, I'm a little frustrated.

Now I don't want to come off as a jerk cause' I'm not. I love them dearly but I have gone to so many appointments in the last couple weeks, I'm over it.

Yesterday I took my mom to her neurology appointment. We got there about 15 mins early to fill out paperwork, and holy moly the waiting room was packed!

I asked the receptionist politely, how long the wait was going to be? She responded, "It shouldn't be very long, we have four doctors so we get people in and out of here fairly quickly." My mother gathered the paperwork given to her and we sat down.

After I finished filling three pages of paperwork out, basically repeating same questions, I turn it all in with her insurance information.

The waiting game begins. Hey, good thing we have our iPhones with us!

We see all the people that had been there before us being called back, and the chairs fill up as equally as they leave.

An hour passes and we near an hour and a half, still no call back.

We hear a familiar name called, "Marilyn Coleman, Marilyn Coleman." I spoke up and said, "My mother's name is Marilyn Cockrill. Is is possible the name you are calling is my mom's but it's just spelled wrong?" She assured me it wasn't.

I accept her answer and we go back to quietly waiting...for another half hour. Which makes it now 2 hours.

The nurse opens up the door the millionth time and we hear again, "Marilyn Coleman. Marilyn Coleman." No one fesses up.

She tries to pass the file back to the front desk girls and asks them, "Should we cancel this person as a no show?" I hear them say, "They're probable outside."

I decided to go up to the call girl, (not sure what her title is), but not to be confused with a the kind of call girl you're thinking of.

She calls ANOTHER person to come back, with Marilyn Coleman's file in her hand. I explain to her  again that my mother's name is Marilyn Cockrill and ask her again, "Is it possible they've just spelled her name wrong?" She opened up the file, looking at the printed sheet and confidently says, "I have the correct person."

But I want to see with my own eyes the hand writing on the original paperwork.

Low and behold there's my frickin' hand writing! I mean what the hell!

I point out to her that it is in fact my mother's file but obviously whoever typed it up spelled her last name wrong! Two hours wasted.

Oh but we're not finished.

The front desk girl tells me to go sit back down and they'd call us as soon as they get a room. Ugh.

I obediently sit back down and many minutes pass by again. This time the front desk girl calls me up and asks, "Are you sure your mom has an appointment today? I can't find her in the system."

Oh my Lord, I'm gonna lose it. Tweet That!

I assure her that she does in fact have an appointment but JUST to make sure I call my sister in front of her. I repeat everything she says so that the gal can hear "Yes she does have an appointment because her primary physician made the appointment directly in front of my sister."

I hang up with my sissy and she continues to search for my mom and one of the problems she found was that they not only pulled the wrong woman's file, Marilyn Coleman, but they had spelled her last name wrong! They spelled it Cockerell where as my mother's name is spelled Cockrill.

AND they not only spelled her name incorrectly but they put her with the WRONG doctor!

Are you kidding me?!?!
Is this a joke?
Am I on MTV's Punked?

So here it is, 3 hours later, we were finally called back and the doctor was in and out in 5 minutes or less. He ordered a bunch of tests, which is more waiting, AND the follow up.

I sure as heck ain't taking her to that one!

After all that frustration, in the back of my mind, I remember I have my yearly physical the following day, which is today. I nearly cancel.

It's a fasting physical and I don't want to starve to death before I get the blood sucked out of me! However, I know I need to take care of myself and decide against it.

My appointment is in the afternoon but I was told to come FIRST thing in the morning and there's no wait. I was promised, "You'll be in and out."

HA! Not!

After waking up, I look at the time, and knowing they open at 830, I decide to jump in the car and go right away. 

I get there shortly after they open, sign in and wait. And wait. And wait. Frick.

They seriously don't even know I'm there. Except for the fact that they open up the window and call back an older gentleman, who happened to get there AFTER me. 

I'm sorry, now I'm annoyed. Tweet That!

I go back and forth, should I open up the window and let them know I'm here or not? Cause' if I do that they'll be annoyed with me.
Finally after waiting some more I get up the nerve to do it.

I kindly let them know I was there for a fasting blood work and I had been waiting a half hour, which they originally told me there was no wait for that.
Of course she nearly bites my head off and I'm just gonna have to wait some more. 

I'm gonna flip my nut switch. I just know it. Tweet That!

I finally get called back! The nurse profusely apologized and shared with me she was never informed I was there in the first place.

Now I realize I'm being hyper sensitive about this cause' I know when I come back this afternoon I'm gonna have to wait some more.
Plus mother has two more appointments this Friday! 😭

This certainly isn't a bashing session of doctor's receptionists or front girls or even call girls. It's simply out of frustration that my time is important too. 

I've been told before that if I'm even 5 minutes late I must reschedule yet I'm expected to wait for a ridiculous amount of time. It's not right. 

Here's a suggestion, how about schedule people an appropriate time apart, don't try to cram as many people as you can a day. 

Now I know there's more factors to all this than I'm aware of but it's simply a matter of being courteous. We all matter. 

Thanks for lending your ear.

Okay I'm done. 

Have you ever had to wait this long before? I'd love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments!

Love and Peace,