Friday, July 1, 2016

She Wears an Orange, Pi Equals Square

She was a little, itty-bitty thing. Maybe all of 5' even. The most gorgeous cat eyes with thick, long eye lashes that curled naturally. Her skin was flawless, with the perfect tan. She was all of twenty years old. Truly one of the most BEAUtiful girls I've ever laid my eyes on.

She had three different names she went by and I never knew which one she wanted me to use. I called her Brandi but I didn't know if that was REALLY her name or one of her aliases. Others called her Pi, which I guess was catchy but it made me curious as why she chose THAT name.

Then I was like, "Ohhhhhhhhh."

When she spoke her whisper was so quiet. I barely could understand her. I said, "Huh?" and "What?" a lot. She probably thought I was deaf.

I wondered why she talked so low. At first I thought she was just paranoid, thinking someone might overhear our conversation, but no one was even around us to be able to hear, let alone me!

Her story was heartbreaking to hear. She told me her mom got on drugs when she was very young. Both her grandparents passed away in a short amount of time of each other. Her mom wasn't able to grieve one death when the other one passed. Drugs helped cover the pain.

Brandi watched her mom "trick" for heroin or crack or whatever was available at the time. As the song goes, "Gotta stay high all the time..."

Her mom was finally clean after all these years of watching her use but there's so much guilt over her poor choices in life.

Kids learn from what parents do, not necessarily what they say and Brandi is following in her foot steps. Now she's tried easing her mom's conscience by telling her she makes her own decisions but the guilt and shame runs deep. She hopes her mom can stay clean.

She's quite proud of the clientele she's built. This little lady is in the man in charge and she's gonna make sure nobody will forget it. She explained she doesn't ever seal the deal without her clients making the first move. Guess that protects her from getting framed.

She did share with me that when she was 16 years old she decided to go to Las Vegas and try her hand at it out there. She was doing pretty well until a powerhouse couple felt she was moving in on their territory. She became their prisoner and all the money she made was now theirs. The cruelty was too much. But she was raking in so much more money than the top dog out there. She now was a threat. She had to get out but how? She had to figure out a way. Besides, she could make more money back home, AND keep it all, instead of giving it all away to Mr. & Mrs. Agent.

She finally broke away, called friends, relatives, ANYBODY that would answer the phone and miraculously made it home.

I listened as intently as I could. Well I kinda had too since she was talking so quietly but I wanted her to know that someone cared about her. I prayed with her and spoke encouraging words to her and let her know that she was deeply loved no matter. I even shared a snack with her! I feel like if Jesus touched peoples lives with food then I should too.

It was my desire to speak His love into her life, even if we only crossed paths a short amount of time. Before she left she talked about making changes in her life, getting out of this lifestyle, and going back to school to become a fashion designer. I let her know that I prayed for her and she began to cry.
I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone cry from me praying for them. It touched me though.

She gave me her number and told me to stay in touch but she wasn't quite sure what the order of her own numbers. She wrote down every possible combination. I tried them all but to no avail.

Oh I wanted to keep in touch so badly. I felt a motherly protection over her. I still think of her and pray that she's doing okay. But, I know God's working on her heart and won't stop pursuing her and reaching out to her.

Just like the prodigal son who got mixed up in some bad stuff, the Father was always watching and waiting for his return. And oh boy, when he did come home He ran out to meet him, hugged him as tight as He could and walked him home.

And that's what we're all suppose to do for each other, walk each other home.

Peace and Love,