Friday, November 11, 2016

25 Things About Me You Could Care Less to Know

"25 things about me" is harder than it sounds but here goes...

1. I believe in the power of forgiveness because I am a recipient of it daily.

2. Embracing the present, being content in the mundane, and getting rid of all the excess crap are my life goals. Just shake it off, shake it off.

3. Hearing wind chimes make me happy. It reminds me of my late Aunt Judy.

4. I went to my first essential oil party and am quite amazed at all the ailments they remedy. I may get obsessed about it.

5. I'm trying really hard to write everyday. It's quite therapeutic and gives me a release for what I tend to bottle up inside.

6. When I was in jail, I said almost daily with great indignation, "I'm writing a book about my experiences here!" But the thought of writing it makes me feel vulnerable and naked.

7. Words we don't say in our house, fart, zit, actual legit terms for private parts, and shut-up, although I must admit it slips out occasionally when I'm on the dark-side of the moon.

8. I'm not very good at being a Christian. Shoddy at best. I don't pray for my enemies like I should. I mull over how much disdain I have for them. Then the Holy Spirit convicts me like a parent scolds a child and I reluctantly forgive them. I don't read my bible enough, unless I'm stirred up about some kind of injustice then I furiously dig through the bible like digging for treasure. Maybe that's God's way of tricking me into actually reading it.

9. I'm pretty bi-polar when it comes to my sleep habits. I'm both a morning bird and night-owl. Some days I can get up super early with great ease and other days I'm awake until the dawn.

10. Scott's love for me has brought such healing to every inch of my being. The forgiveness he covered me with in the midst of my insanity still blows me away. Scripture has come alive because of his love walk. I'm forever grateful.

11. I want to love our shih tzu, Abby, but she drives me crazy and eats her poop and stinks the day after seeing the groomer as if she's rolled in poo like it's her perfume.

12. I'm an all or nothing kind of person. I want to have self-discipline but damn I'm lazy! Staying consistent is my achilles heel.

13. I tried drugs for the first time in life at 44 years old and landed in jail over it. My new motto, say no to everything.

14. I am a complete sugar addict. But I'm trying to not be. The struggle is real.

15. I have always dreamed doing big things for God like traveling the world leading worship or preaching to the masses like Joyce Meyers junior but after going through hell of 2015 I've learned that our lives can preach right here at home.

16. Mercy by Amanda Cook was my anthem last year and still resounds in me. "My past embraced, my sins forgiven, I'm blameless in Your sight, my history rewritten. For You delight in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgement."

17. Biggest spiritual lesson I want to live out, Judgement and condemnation doesn't bring about heart change. It's the kindness of God walked out that leads people to repentance.

18. Ever so often when dark thoughts try to invade my brain space I have to say, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." Sometimes they leave immediately but other times it takes a couple. I have the mind of Christ. I am a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come.

19. When my past is brought up, it brings me to my knees. Sometimes for days. Depression nearly swallows me up but then God sends a foot solider and reminds me to leave it all behind. Yesterday ended last night. His mercies are new every morning. Grateful for these reminders.

20. I have an complete intolerance for injustice. I will go to throws for a sista or brother that's being treated unfairly.

21. My family is my life. I couldn't live for one day without them.

22. Sometimes I wish I could have a redo but then I wouldn't be who I am today without having to have gone through what I went through. It grieves me to my soul but then it shows me the hope of death and resurrection.

23. There is beauty in imperfections.

24. Favorite thing to say, "We all have a different set of eyes. We're gonna see things differently."

25. Scott and I are polar opposites. We hardly ever agree on anything. He's a neat freak and I like to call it lived in. But after 24 years of being married, a really close call though last year, we almost called it quits, we decided to embrace each other's idiosyncrasies. We won't compromise our one night a week just to be alone. Relationship is intentional. We are being intentional with one another. I like to say our relationship was set ablaze last year and now it's a blazing inferno of love.

Peace & Love,

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