Sunday, November 13, 2016

Right Here and Now

This morning I was reading my devotional, A Spring Within Us, by Richard Rohr.

He talks a lot about Mystics in his writings. I didn't quite understand the language he used when I first discovered him, but there's an other worldliness that surrounds the imagery of a mystic, especially the way he describes it, and that's what intrigues me and keeps me coming back for more. 

By definition mystic means, "A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain into with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension or truths that are beyond the intellect." 

If it's okay I'd like to share with you today's reading. To me it has so much relevance in light of the election and the chaotic state of our country, with so many having disapproved of the outcome. It's also touched a personal cord with me, which I suspect that's what it's suppose to do.

Day 6 The One Thing Necessary 
Mystics are always saying, in one form or another, "Do not be afraid." They know that all is okay. They want you to hear this message so that you can stop fretting and enjoy Divine Union right now. "Enjoy" is the operative word. Mystical experience allows you to enjoy your own life and to stop creating enemies, people to fear, and nations you have to punish and kill. When you are enjoying deep union, you don't need to create divisions, mistrust, and separation. Conspiracy theories and tabloid gossip hold little interest for you. 
True spiritual encounter changes your politics, your attitude toward money, your use of time, your relationship toward foreigners and the weak, your attitude toward war and nationalism. You are citizen of the Big Kingdom now (see Philippians 3:20) and, when you realize that, you will live very differently. If you are not ready to change, don't seek out God.
Once you have one sincere moment of Divine Union, you will want to spend your time on the one thing necessary, which is to grow deeper and deeper in love every chance that you get. Talk to someone who has had a near-death, or nearing-death experience. In the end, they all agree: It's all about love. It's all about union, and all the rest of what they thought was important was mere window dressing. "Saved" people are just people who learn that earlier than the rest of us. You can either discover the one thing necessary now or wait until later. You could be a lot happier and make a lot of other people happier if you would discover it now. "Martha, Martha, you worry about so many things, yet so few are needed; indeed, only one" (see Luke 10:42). 
Gateway to Silence: We are one in Love. 

Isn't that SO good!  It's all about love. No other simpler way to put it. AND it's all okay. Everyone's all up in arms about Trump getting elected. Sure he wasn't the best candidate. Heck he was even qualified! But it's all gonna be okay.

Oh my goodness, all I hear when reading this is, rest. "Rest in Me. No worries. No striving. Just rest. It's all gonna be fine. Just sit at my feet and take it all in and rest. Let me give you what you need and rest."

Fr. Rohr says we can enjoy our own lives right here and now! Being a mystic isn't drawing from a well that isn't stocked with fresh water. No! In John 7:38 it says, "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." We draw from the well that's INSIDE of us! How cool is that! I just said to my husband last night, "It's like we're Spirits that have a body, not a body that has a Spirit." Or maybe I'm just coming to that realization. Maybe I'm becoming more of a mystic than I thought I was.

I believe the Big Kingdom he talks about is right here and now. "On earth as it is in heaven (see Matt 6:10)." "Yet a time is coming and now has come when TRUE worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for they are the kind worshipers the Father seeks (see John 4:23)." The good news for us is we don't have to wait. We can experience it now! Lord let Your kingdom come.

My life flashed before my eyes last year. I died and was resurrected. My marriage crumbled but love stepped in and we said Yes, more so than when we first said yes 24 years ago. I've said before that I wish, I wish, I wish I could've learned what I know without having to have gone through the shit storm of 2015 but just like Father Time, in Alice and Looking Glass said, "We cannot change the past but we can learn from it."

What do I glean from this devo? One thing is needed. That's it, just one and done. Nothing else. Sit at His feet and chill. Don't worry about the dishes, the laundry, but just listen. Pay attention to the present and embrace what's right in front of you.

So that's what I'm gonna do just now. Take it in the present. My hub's in front of me, my daughter, and our dog Abby. Go and do the same! Muah!

Peace & Love,